WARNING: This ‘Delivery Notice’ Marks Your House for Robbery

robbery scam


The name and address information has been blurred to protect the Frisco homeowner who found this notice stuck on his front door earlier this week, and he is working with Frisco’s Police Department to help catch the predators that have launched this scam on unsuspecting residents in DFW communities.

GeoTrek, nuhomeowner (dot com), Protection Source, ProtectUs, Delivery Services and Compass Delivery are known monikers used by the criminals who appear to specifically target new homeowners under the premise of having missed a package delivery. The goal? Robbery. They are banking on a new homeowner to be without a security system

The scam takes place in one of three ways:

  1. If the notices aren’t removed by the homeowner, or if they begin to accumulate, the house is marked for robbery (absentee homeowner, vulnerable house).
  2. If a homeowner responds to the notice by calling, GeoTrek (et al.) will attempt to sell   a home alarm system, or home air-filtration device. Those who agree to purchase receive installation and are robbed within a few month’s time.
  3. For homeowners who decline to purchase, these crafty cons seek out detailed information about the existing alarm system — or confirm the absence one in the home and the home is robbed.

Protect yourself from this scam through awareness. Share this information with your neighbors and if you receive a notice on your door, call your local non-emergency number and report it.